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My plan for improvements in each division within the Sheriff’s office and for the public throughout Montgomery County:



  • Work with the Corrections Unions and approve shift bidding by seniority for the employees

  • Work with the employees on better scheduling for staff

  • Approve a healthy commissary option in the Jail to assist staff and inmates

  • Create an employee task force to work on Recruiting, Retention and Rewarding

  • Increase revenue by repairing relationships with the US Marshals and surrounding Counties to house inmates

  • Work with NYS OASAS on a jail driven re-entry program and education process for opioid abuse

  • Create an Inmate work crew that can respond daily and perform important work in our community

  • Enhance programs within the facility to improve education, workforce opportunities, addiction services, bible studies, etc.


911 Dispatch Center:

  • Change the dispatcher schedule to mirror patrol to create consistency

  • Assist dispatchers in using new technology within the dispatch area

  • Research creating a new civilian dispatcher supervisory position

  • Research and work towards EMD dispatching, this improves policy and procedure, efficiency and service to the public


Civil Office:

  • Adjust the civil office hours to enable better coverage for the taxpayers (some night hours and Saturday mornings)

  • Revamp the efficiency of the legal service of papers.  Educate the entire staff on the process

  • Create a new Pistol Permit course that deals with gun safety, gun  laws and education combined with the paperwork



  • Create a Countywide Drug Task Force working the District Attorney-Partner with Drug Court

  • Continue to work with our School District Superintendents to keep our children safe, expanding on our recently developed High Threat Incident Plan and standardized response training to these type of incidents with all school staff, our law enforcement partners and students.  (This work has been developed and managed through the current Emergency Services Office)

  • Return our Deputies to a 12 hour work shift schedule

  • Reorganize the staffing levels and job assignments with current staff

  • Utilize ALL staff to perform important tasks-this will enable a more stable patrol staff for our rural areas

  • Review scheduling and utilize staff to fulfill patrol requirements-this will stabilize our patrol numbers

  • Research take home cars as a money savings option and having accessible patrols immediately in a certain area

  • Provide Fleet gas cards to save money and provide more consistent patrol coverage/eliminate patrol gaps

  • Work with all other law enforcement agencies, share information and create relationships to help solve crimes

  • Create a robust social media/communication policy and update /create a web page and smart phone APP

  • Create a quarterly public meeting schedule in order to hear public concerns

  • Work on the status of current uniforms in an attempt to save money

  • Boost programs like Project Lifesaver, Yellow Dot, K-9 (consider adding a K-9 through fundraising and donations)

  • Reutilize Patrol Boat to assist Amsterdam and the County

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