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Proven Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

November 2021


In 2018, the citizens of Montgomery County made my dream come true. I was elected to the position of

the 66th Sheriff for Montgomery County. I was honored, humbled, proud, and ready to lead. Over the past three years, together we have made significant strides in making the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office one of the most respected and professional law enforcement agencies in the area. Providing quality service, creating true partnerships, and leading by example is something our entire office has embraced. The residents, businesses, visitors and fellow first responders have made our jobs easy. Partnering with them to make improvements is the backbone of our entire existence.


2022 will be another election year for the position of Sheriff. I want to take this opportunity to officially

announce my re-election campaign. I would like to thank you for your support during my first term, and

ask that allow me to continue to lead our county in positive and progressive ways.


Over the past three years, we have updated equipment, added new programs, settled bargaining agreements, stabilized our staffing levels, strengthened our policies, and partnered with our community; all of which have changed the morale of staff, causing an indirect benefit to the people we serve. We have also completed some major projects and are currently working on more improvements in our agency. Some examples of these are: 911 Phone Upgrades, Dispatch Console Upgrades, New CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) System, New Smart Phone APP, Correction’s Facility Kitchen Equipment Upgrades, Security Camera Upgrades, Correcting Maintenance Concerns, Vehicle Replacement Program, Data Integrity Upgrades and General Equipment Upgrades (Body Cameras, Tasers, Radar Units, Computers, Etc.). We have also strengthened our office personnel with new and diverse trainings: De-escalation, Diversity, Use of Force, Defensive Tactics, Swift Water, K-9, Policy and Procedures and Mental Health. All of this has been accomplished while increasing revenues, controlling spending, and utilizing grants. We have also strengthened our relationship with our school districts. We work closely with administration on safety, response, and partnership to continue to provide support for our youngest members of our community.


There is more work to be completed. I have the energy, the passion, the commitment, and the vision to

continue working on and completing these projects. Please visit for more

information. You may also find us on Facebook at Jeff Smith for Sheriff.


I look forward to the continued opportunity to serve the citizens of Montgomery County. It is my life’s

passion and something I truly enjoy. I want to continue to do my job with the utmost respect and

commitment for our office and our community.




Jeffery T. Smith


Smith family
Jeff & Becky
Jeff & Jacoby
Jeff & EM Team
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Republican Rising Star Award
MC at Hagaman's Fire Banquet
Judging Pine Tree Rifle Club's Chili Cookoff
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